SABER® Platform

SABER = Sucrose acetate isobutyrate extended release


Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

  • Novel or established agent
  • Small-molecule structure

SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate)

  • Esterified sugar derivative
  • Biocompatible, biodegradable, water-insoluble matrix
  • Traps API at high concentrations


  • Optimizes viscosity for injection through small-gauge needle
  • Diffuses rapidly, leaving in situ drug depot

Learn more about SABER-based pipeline products:

POSIMIR® (SABER®-Bupivacaine)
Sustained-release ophthalmology product

SABER technology is also the basis for SucroMate™ Equine, a sustained-release injectable veterinary drug. SucroMate™ Equine was the first FDA-approved SABER product, launched in 2011 by our collaborator Thorn BioScience LLC, a division of CreoSalus, Inc.