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DURECT is employing advanced enabling drug delivery technologies to develop new and improved pharmaceutical products. Our mission is to develop therapies that will improve the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases and other medical conditions. DURECT's strategy is:

to develop proprietary products in chronic care areas with an approach that minimizes development risk and maximizes speed to market
to expand our technology platforms through both internal work and acquisitions, and
to optimize and enable the development of biotech products.

Our vision for product development is to combine known drugs (both in terms of efficacy and side effect profile) with proven systems to get drugs quickly to market and lower development risk.

Biotechnology products such as proteins, peptides and gene-based medicines are not typically deliverable in conventional oral formulations. DURECT's injectable, implantable and micro-catheter-based technologies allow for site-specific delivery of drugs while reducing drug degradation, a current obstacle with the delivery of protein and peptides. Additionally, DURECT has acquired technologies to expand the breadth of its drug delivery capabilities into injectable, transdermal and oral dosage forms. DURECT believes that its technologies have the potential to make significant impacts in the treatment of chronic debilitating diseases and may in the future enable biotechnology drugs to reach the marketplace in a superior dosage form.

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