Business Development Approach

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Partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms is a key component of our business strategy. In some cases, we will partner at a very early stage by means of research collaborations, and in other cases we will develop compounds on our own and commence clinical trials before seeking a development and/or commercialization partners.

Selection of Drugs for Development

Early Stage Partnering
Research collaborations are a key focus of our business development efforts. Therapeutic drugs for these collaborations come from either a partnerís proprietary pipeline or our own internal programs. Both new chemical entities and product line extension strategies may benefit from sustained drug delivery technology applications. These collaborations may take the form of partner-funded research study programs of various durations with commercial terms following proof of concept. We believe this research collaboration partnering approach allows us to partner more rapidly and more frequently, minimizing financial and technical risk for our partners.

Late Stage Partnering
DURECT has a portfolio of opportunities that it is developing using internal resources to demonstrate clinical or pre-clinical feasibility. While DURECT intends to fully integrate its organization by adding commercial capabilities, the company also acknowledges that it may be more value-added to seek partners worldwide to complete the development and commercialization of its products. DURECT welcomes your interest in the commercialization of our pipeline products.

Michael Arenberg
Vice President, Business Development
Phone: 408.346.1052
Fax: 408.777.3577

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