Long-acting Injectables

DURECT’s long-acting injectables are designed to achieve stable delivery of small-molecule and biologic therapeutics for periods of days to months following a single subcutaneous, intramuscular, or other localized injection. Our biocompatible, bioerodible technologies employ varied and customizable sets of components, allowing the formulation to be fine-tuned to suit the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), the physiological environment, and the desired performance characteristics of the commercial product. DURECT scientists are world leaders in the development of sustained-release injectable systems.

DURECT’s long-acting injectable technologies demonstrate the following advantages:

  • High drug loading—Drug loading as high as 30%, permitting smaller injection volumes 
  • Controlled onset and release—Rapid onset and stable release of drug over time, with little to no post-injection “burst”
  • Stabilization—Proteins, peptides, and small molecules can be shielded from water and biologically active enzymes to prolong in vivo activity
  • Ease of administration—Low viscosity and small volumes for easier, less painful injections
  • Ease of manufacture—scalable, low-cost manufacturing
  • Strong patent protection—covered by U.S. and foreign patents